What If You Could Understand Your Workforce In Just A Few Minutes?

What if you could identify exactly HOW and WHY your employees do things in just a few minutes? As leaders, we are constantly looking for ways to improve team dynamics and maximize productivity. But – measuring the intangibles of a team has proven to be a tough challenge for many organizations.

In fact, a recent Gallup study found that an estimated 80% of a company’s market value is directly correlated to how well they can maximize the talent of their employees. With our insight tools, leaders will gain access to the

  • Behaviors: observable insights into how your employees act and display emotion
  • Motivators: the why behind your employees’ actions and results
  • Emotional Intelligence: an individual’s ability to understand and regulate self in social situations
  • Acumen: industry-specific skills possessed by the individual

…and much more about their workforce.

By taking these sciences and combining them into highly personalized assessment tools, our insights are able to provide thousands of different results and feedback for each individual. This gives employees and business leaders customized reports and feedback detailing the unique combination of characteristics in each person and allows for increased cohesion across the workplace.

Because of the information they provide, businesses use our talent insights for Selection, Integration, Development, and Retention practices across their organizations, directly increasing employee productivity and decreasing the costs associated with turnover. If you would like to learn more about how to gain unique insights into your workforce, browse through our Talent Insights solutions, and contact us to find out how these real and impactful tools can help your business.