Talent Acquisition

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Modernize & scale your hiring experience

People have always been the inimitable factor behind organizational greatness, and a rapidly changing environment has made talented employees aligned with organizational vision a rare commodity.

The best and brightest are not properly identified and hired, leaving a sour taste for both the company and candidate. Our talent acquisition solutions are created to help leaders of people-driven firms clearly identify and position human talent resources for maximum impact.

Spend less time choosing the right people

Our solutions revolutionize the hiring process by letting the candidate drive and by getting to the heart of counterproductive behaviors that adversely impact your bottom-line and company culture.

Hiring Experience Stack
  • Breathe life into your ATS through a candidate-driven experience that doesn’t require recruiters to manually advance candidates between steps
Create A Consumer-Grade Candidate Experience
  • Automated workflow progression delivers real-time fast tracking of high-potential candidates
  • Eliminate the candidate black hole and give immediate feedback to every applicant
  • Create unique workflows for every job or scenario
  • Improve your employer brand through a standout, humanized hiring experience
Unify Your Hiring Stack - Unify Your Data
  • Create a holistic data story across the entire process by consolidating data without the manual work
  • Identify bright spots and gaps in your process and candidate pool with actionable dashboards
  • Move beyond anecdotal feedback and deliver consistent, quantitative data that simplifies decision-making
Measure The Impact Of Your Hiring Experience On The Business
  • Move beyond funnel efficiency metrics and start measuring quality of hire
  • Close the loop and feed hiring data back into your assessment and screening criteria to improve your process over time
  • Track how different demographics are impacted by process and workflows to understand the implications on your DE&I initiatives
Utilize Overt Testing To Measure Harmful Behaviors
  • Oftentimes, those who are actively and regularly engaging in unproductive behaviors rationalize their actions
  • Our overt test, which is considered to be the most powerful type of assessment to identify high-risk behaviors according to the American Psychological Association, shows that approximately 25% of candidates tested are not qualified

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